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All reports issued by your invested Private Capital GPs & Hedge Funds in one place, tagged, organized and indexed. No more wasting time logging into portals to download documents.

Harvest data for risk, return & value creation analysis

Information to support investment decision-making collected from financial statements, quarterly reports, questionnaires, factsheets, risk reports, Open Protocol and ILPA templates. Harvested by technology, validated by humans, available immediately.

Everything accessible
via API

Keep your data warehouse fully stocked with up to date, accurate and comprehensive data. Directly feed your CRM, portfolio monitoring system and dashboards to make fully informed investment decisions.

Serving Limited Partners Globally

  • Private Capital Fund of Funds
  • Secondary Funds
  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pension Funds
  • Investment Consultants
  • Private Banks
  • Family Offices

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Use Allocator to answer
questions such as:

How have my funds performed?

Quickly analyze returns over different time periods, against other funds and hundreds of indices.

What has driven performance over time?

Measure and visualize gains/losses over any time period, by position, long & short, or broken down by asset class, sector, strategy, currency or geography.

What market risks is my portfolio exposed to?

Monitor and chart risk measures over time, broken down by asset class, sector, strategy, currency or geography. Track sensitivities to changes in price (long, short, net, gross exposures), interest rates (duration, dv01), credit spreads (CS01), volatility (vega) and tail events (VaR, CVaR, MVaR).

How diversified is my portfolio?

Track portfolio overlap and correlation of returns over time, helping you understand concentration risk and diversification effects in your portfolios. If, for example, your portfolio is becoming overly invested in one particular theme, Allocator can highlight this to you.

How are GPs adding value?

Track revenue, EBITDA and other KPIs at the underlying portfolio company level. Visualize the value creation bridge of each deal and aggregate across one or more funds. For active managers, decompose returns to distinguish alpha from beta.

Which are the best funds out there?

Benchmark your funds and maintain comprehensive peer groups of relevant funds so you don’t miss any opportunities. Plus, get a clear picture of how new funds would impact your portfolio risk and returns.

Allocator’s coverage of our funds was strong, and they quickly got us up and running with the rest of our funds. We now receive our data onto the platform and into our analytics programmes efficiently. With the data management taken care of, we can focus on the analysis and investing. We recommend Allocator to other investment firms facing the same fund data management hurdles.
- Nikko Global Wrap, Tokyo
The Allocator team have worked closely with us since 2016. They have helped us to ensure that we always have the latest fund data piping into our systems using the Allocator API. The data is used across the team, and has been easy to integrate, providing exposure metrics in a timely manner.
- Antarctica Asset Management, London
We began working with Allocator in early 2015 and have onboarded a number of our funds. We have regular contact with the Allocator team and find them very responsive to our requests. We appreciate using the platform and have found it particularly helpful and informative in analyzing our portfolios. It gives us an enormous amount of visibility on our portfolios on an aggregated basis and is very useful in terms of breaking down exposures and performance attribution which other systems are unable to provide.
- NS Partners, Geneva
We have been using Allocator to monitor our invested funds, model portfolios and research funds since 2015. The Allocator team have been responsive to our analytics needs and the platform continues to significantly evolve.
- Goldrock Capital, Israel
We partnered with Allocator as their interface is very intuitive and cost-effective with dynamic charting. Their one-stop-shop solution responds to our analytics needs as it standardizes and digitizes all of our data. This enables us to get quick insights into potential risks and exposures. We also benefit from Allocator’s bespoke and easy-to-produce monthly and quarterly reports.
- Kruger Inc, Montreal
Allocator is the bedrock of our fund and portfolio monitoring. The platform’s intuitive tools are used across the team, allowing us to model theoretical portfolios. The Allocator team is helpful, and responsive to our needs and suggestions.
- Pragma Wealth Management, London
We began to use Allocator in early 2018. As we discovered the power of the depth of the platform, we began to use it extensively. The flexible delivery mechanism allows us to capture our investment universe and the opportunity to have access to similar funds to create peer groups. Allocator’s one platform automates data aggregation processes by consolidating all of our investment data, thus enabling us to focus on driving returns and managing the exposures and less on data management.
- Omega Capital, Madrid
We use Allocators Virtual Data Room to provide our investors with up-to-date data on their investments. The platform allows our end investors to use the software and analytics to analyze and monitor their holdings which streamlines our administrative processes. Our rich library of videos and documents are also available in the data room which makes it an easy one-stop-shop for our investors to receive our latest updates and information as well as archived information from the past. Artemis investors have commented on how much they like tapping into and manipulating the data and information 24/7.
- Artemis Capital Advisers, Austin
Allocator's data management and software solution allow us to navigate around our invested funds and this flexibility enables us to monitor our fund data and portfolios in a timely manner. The platform allows our team to create custom scorecards which is useful to highlight funds that pass our investment criteria. The team at Allocator have been open to building new features to enhance the platform to accommodate our needs and the data quality is of a high standard. We have found the platform to be intuitive with very little need for external training.
- Argus Advisors, New York
We chose to work with Allocator in early 2020 after undertaking a search to select a new fund investment platform and technologically innovative software services provider. We make extensive use of their intuitive web interface and especially appreciate the streamlining and automation that we were able to achieve by leveraging the Allocator API functionality. The Allocator team has been very responsive to our needs, including developing some new capabilities that we indicated would be helpful for us. We are happy to recommend the Allocator team and their services to other investment consultants and investment managers overseeing fund investments.
- SIGLO Capital Advisors AG, Zürich
We started working with Allocator in December 2020. They on-boarded all our funds quickly and made the whole process really simple and seamless for us and our managers. The Allocator platform is very intuitive with dynamic charting and the team has standardized the data for simple inclusion in our reports.  Allocator’s responsiveness to our suggestions and their ability to respond and build features for the platform has made the service integral for us. Their infrastructure provides flexibility and protection for the managers as well as ourselves. Allocator's customer service has always been world-class and extremely helpful.
- Excelsior, New York

Comprehensive coverage

Thousands of hedge funds, private capital funds & long-only
funds regularly uploading data

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