Allocator was born out of experience and frustration. Formerly fund allocators, we recognized the importance of having comprehensive data that is standardized and up to date. Doing this seamlessly and efficiently had been a persistent and expensive issue, one that we set about solving by developing the platform in 2012. We are passionate about technology and harnessing it to enable investors to spend fewer resources managing data and have more time to use it.

In May 2020 Morningstar, Inc. acquired a non-controlling minority stake in our company.

Our Mission


Allocator is a data technology company, providing integrated data and software solutions to the alternative investments industry.


Our underlying mission:

We champion the pursuit of clarity, opportunity and efficiency for capital allocators


Our Vision


Personal experience told us there had to be a better way. Our team has deep investment experience, technical skills & operational know-how.


Our daily focus is:

To be the innovation partner of choice for the world’s leading investment offices

Our Values



We put the customer at the heart of everything we do



Each day we strive to be innovative in every aspect of the business



We collaborate both internally and externally to deliver value for our customer and employees



Accuracy and diligence is practised in every aspect of our work



We are agile and adapt to changing conditions quickly, and with ease



We are authentic in every interaction

Company History

  • Company Incorporation

    Allocator (then called HedgePo) is founded.


  • Allocator Research Platform Launched

    Investors are able to connect with previously unknown fund managers to request additional information and diligence meetings.


  • Allocator Lens Platform Launched

    The first version of the Allocator's post investment portfolio monitoring offering goes live. Product is seeded by a Far East Sovereign Wealth Fund and Middle East Family Office.


  • HedgePo rebrands as Allocator

    HedgePo rebrands as Allocator. The announcement is made at The Global CIO Summit in St Andrews, Scotland.


  • Research Platform grows to over 1000 funds

    1000 funds reporting data and documents to over 700+ institutional investors and family offices members through the platform.


  • Private Equity launch

    Allocator launches initial capabilities for investors in capital drawdown funds.


  • Allocator Excel Add-In Launched

    Users are able to pull data tables and individual values in their own Excel workbooks. Initial customers automate customised fund fact sheets and risk reports.


  • Morningstar Inc. becomes an Investor

    Morningstar, Inc. acquires a non-controlling minority stake in Allocator and invests significant capital towards growth initiatives.


  • Allocator Hive Platform Launched

    Allocator launches Hive, a virtual data room platform enabling fund managers to share data and documents with investors.


Time to See it in action

A single source of truth for your investment data in public and private funds.

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