GaoTeng - Outsized Alpha returns in Global Emerging Markets

GaoTeng - Outsized Alpha returns in Global Emerging Markets

GaoTeng is an asset management company strategically invested by Tencent Holdings and Hillhouse Capital Group that specializes in fixed income. It has a multi-award-winning strategy which aims to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns throughout the market cycles.

In this webinar, Desmond How, the CIO (Fixed Income) of GaoTeng and Lead Portfolio Manager of GaoTeng Emerging Markets plus Long/Short Fixed Income Alpha Fund, will provide insights into his unique approach to bond investing within the emerging market. Through his extensive experience and skill, Desmond has narrowed down the investible universe to themes through which he picks the most lucrative bonds to generate alpha.

Join us for an in-depth discussion on how to construct a portfolio in order to capture outsized alpha returns whilst dynamically managing risk to minimize market downside risk.
Traditionally, most investors may view bonds as a passive and stable source of return through clipping coupons, meanwhile, GaoTeng focuses specifically on capital gains through spread compression and decompression. Additionally, many may be wary of the liquidity challenges in the emerging market credit universe.

Desmond will address these concerns and will also touch upon:

  • Why Emerging Market is a rich canvas of Alpha generation
  • The philosophy and strategy of the fundamental thematic long/short approach which aims to exploit inefficiencies in Asia/EM credit
  • Where GaoTeng see value emerging after the storm