Watch the Hedge Interview - Automating Data Management for Investors

Watch the Hedge Interview - Automating Data Management for Investors

In this episode of the Investor Views series, Ryan Kalish and Jennifer Bruno discuss how institutional investors are becoming more data-driven, how Allocator’s product developments are a direct result of client requests for data technology solutions and Allocator’s new alliance with Morningstar. We also talked about the importance of communication and how fund managers can benefit from providing more information to investors. WATCH the interview video.

“Morningstar’s mission is to empower investors’ success which is very much aligned to our values.”

Ryan Kalish, Founder & CEO at Allocator

Show Highlights - Ryan Kalish and Jennifer Bruno discussed:

  • How Ryan’s role performing due diligence and manager analysis at Stenham Advisors, a $4B fund of hedge funds, lent to the formation of
  • The fund data management solutions provides for institutional investors and advances to the platform since 2013.
  • How ‘standardizes’ data sets without forcing managers into ‘templates.’
  • Allocator’s expansion into tracking more private equity, private debt and venture capital, based on the investment interests of their institutional investor clients.
  • Morningstar’s acquisition of a non-controlling stake of in May of 2020 and Allocator’s ‘alignment of values’ with Morningstar.
  • The types of institutional investors that use Allocator’s data tools.
  • Allocator’s approach to collecting data and providing fund data solutions to investors.
  • Types of funds for which provides data.
  • Why fund managers should provide as much information as possible to investors.
  • The key to establishing trust and forming relationships with institutional investors.
  • How differs from other fund data platforms and how they strive to be the technology ‘innovation partner of choice’ for investors.
  • Which types of funds have outperformed in 2020 and a primary reason others may have underperformed.
  • Investors’ increased interest in healthcare-focused funds in 2020.
  • Growing investor interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, but not so much investment ‘activity’.
  • Looking forward to Allocator’s innovative new releases/developments coming in 2021.

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